Jeanne-Marie Basile

CEO & Founder

Experiencing various cannabis educational venues throughout the US, Jeanne-Marie realized there was a need to establish a proper educational facility to dispense scientifically proven best practices in the cannabis industry in NYS and on the East Coast. Choosing to dedicate all of her efforts in establishing a licensed and accredited NYS/East Coast medical cannabis specific institute, Jeanne-Marie has a rich history of successful leadership and Project Management. A well-connected entrepreneur, she brings a wealth of experience, cannabis industry specific knowledge, and skills to IACTED’s educational venue. Jeanne-Marie honed her ability to handle both team dynamics and interpersonal relationships by running ARTEK, a subsidiary of Advanced Reduction Technologies LLC operating in Long Island City, New York to reducing organics in societies waste streams and as Director of WHE – World Hydrogen Energy LLC – a company that produces hydrogen for organic waste.

Foremost in IACTED CEO’s mind, Jeanne-Marie insists on attaining a gold standard for IACTED and all the students that will be studying industry specific tools, techniques, and management. She knows how to multitask and coordinate with others on various projects/plans simultaneously. Risk management, communications, human resources, cost analysis, time management, quality of product and many other tactical issues come with her purview.